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The chassis has some scratches and wear from normal use.



The chassis has significant scratches and wear from heavy use. Dents may also occur.

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The chassis has cracks or there are parts missing. Some features and functions may also be defective.

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Error codeError code explanation
AMAcid Theft Mark
BDBattery Defect
BMBattery Missing
CDCracked Display (= defect)
CMCover Missing
DCaDamaged Chassis grade A
DCbDamaged Chassis grade B
DCcDamaged Chassis grade C
DLLDefect Lid Lock
DMDisplay Malfunction
DWCDamaged WebCam
EMEthernet Malfunction
FEFan Error
FKForeign Keyboard
HHome version (OS licence)
HDMHard Drive Missing
HDMAHard Drive Malfunction
HRIHeat Related Issue
IMInformation Missing
KMKeyboard Malfunction
KWKeyboard Wear
LDLiquid Damage
MBMonitor Grade B
MBMAMainboard Malfunction
OOMOn/off button Malfunction
RMRAM Missing
SPMASpeaker Malfunction
TMTrack Point Missing
TPAMTrack Pad Malfunction
TPAWTrack Pad Wear
TPOMTrack Point Malfunction

Mobile phones and tablets

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Cosmetic Grade A:

Fully functional and with only a few minor cosmetic defects/wear that are almost invisible

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Cosmetic Grade B:

Fully functional but with more visible cosmetic defects/wear

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Cosmetic Grade C:

Fully functional but with major visible defects/wear

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Grade 0:

Not functional. Major cosmetic wear, broken latches/hinges, many dead pixels and/or not able to turn on. Cracked front/rear.

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Error codeError code explanation
AMAcid Theft Mark
ALActivation Lock
CFCracked Front
CRCracked Rear
DFDamaged Frame
DMDisplay Malfunction
DPDead pixel(s)
OOMOn/Off Button Malfunction
HMHome Button Malfunction
MMalfunction (not able to erase)
MDMLMobile Device Management Locked
MMMute Button Malfunction
VBMVolume Button Malfunction
VBMIVolume Button Missing
BMBattery Missing
BCMBack Cover Missing
DCMDock Connector Malfunction
STMSIM Tray Missing
SCMSIM Cover Missing
SPCMASpeaker Cover Malfunction

Updated: 30.10.2020